Re: Netscape 4.0 press release at their server

Paul Prescod wrote:
> On the other hand, non-programmatic stylesheets (like CSS) are, IMHO,
> little underpowered, so it would be nice if Netscape embraced and
> CSS with Javascript, instead of ignoring it. Javascript in documents
is a
> bad idea, but in stylesheets seems like it would be a useful "jane
> webmaster" version of full DSSSL.

I think you misinterpret the intent. I'm willing to bet the style will
be in the JavaScript, not vice versa. JavaScript extensions will allow
referencing style attributes as variables, just as recent extensions
allow IMG attributes as variables.

Note that NS now allows external scripts with

  <SCRIPT SCR="script.js">

BTW, giving credit where due, I think NetScape's JavaScript extensions
are useful and hope MSIE adopts them ASAP. My pet peeve at the moment,
however, is the lack of any way to reference window width or height.
Height and width as window and frame properties would be nice.

David Perrell