RE: CSS Books Revisited

Are you absolutely sure this is a book on CSS?  To my knowledge,
Netscape has not definitely announced that Navigator will support _CSS_,
only that it will support "stylesheets".  Time will tell, I suppose.

Chris Wilson

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>Subject:	CSS Books Revisited
>In a discussion about a month ago, I mentioned a book on CSS from Hayden
>Books that was late.  A couple of days later, I sent a message to Hayden 
>Books asking what the status was, and I received the following reply:
>(Please note: I received this reply a couple of weeks ago, I haven't had
>a chance to send it to the list until now.  I do not want anyone to 
>construe this as Hayden's taking a long time to respond.)
>At 3:41 PM 9/30/96, jonathan@ecn.purdue.edu wrote:
>>name : Jonathan Neuenschwander
>>email : jonathan@ecn.purdue.edu
>>question : I've been anxiously awaiting the following book:    Designing
>>for the
>>Web With Style Sheets  by Hayden Development Team  Bk&Cd-Rom Edition
>>List: $35.00  Published by Hayden Books  Publication date: September 1, 1996
>>ISBN: 1568303068    Could you please tell me the status of this title?  I
>>couldn't find any mention of it on your website, which I'm not taking to be
>>good sign.    Thank-you
>Hi -
>We're still working on the book, but unfortunately it won't be published
>until early next year, when Netscape Navigator finally supports style
>sheets. Hang in there!
>Looks like Hakon and Bert's book may be the first out of the gate after
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