CSS Books Revisited

In a discussion about a month ago, I mentioned a book on CSS from Hayden
Books that was late.  A couple of days later, I sent a message to Hayden 
Books asking what the status was, and I received the following reply:

(Please note: I received this reply a couple of weeks ago, I haven't had
a chance to send it to the list until now.  I do not want anyone to 
construe this as Hayden's taking a long time to respond.)


At 3:41 PM 9/30/96, jonathan@ecn.purdue.edu wrote:
>name : Jonathan Neuenschwander
>email : jonathan@ecn.purdue.edu
>question : I've been anxiously awaiting the following book:    Designing
>for the
>Web With Style Sheets  by Hayden Development Team  Bk&Cd-Rom Edition
>List: $35.00  Published by Hayden Books  Publication date: September 1, 1996
>ISBN: 1568303068    Could you please tell me the status of this title?  I
>couldn't find any mention of it on your website, which I'm not taking to be a
>good sign.    Thank-you

Hi -

We're still working on the book, but unfortunately it won't be published
until early next year, when Netscape Navigator finally supports style
sheets. Hang in there!



Looks like Hakon and Bert's book may be the first out of the gate after


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