Re: ! important - for rule or property?

Neil Galarneau writes:
 > The document says that ! important applies to the rule, but the grammar   
 > allows
 > ! important after each attribute.
 > Is the grammar just being very flexible, or is ! important to be   
 > associated with
 > a property not the whole rule?

The use of the word `rule' in section 3.1 may be confusing, though it is
not incorrect. How about changing it to `declaration'?

Remember that in the style sheet

    H1, H2 { color: yellow;
             background: blue !important }

there are two declarations, but *four* rules:

    H1 { color: yellow }
    H1 { background: blue !important }
    H2 { color: yellow }
    H2 { background: blue !important }

The !important applies to the second declaration only, and thereby to
two of the rules.

(The use of `rule' and `declaration' in the grammar of appendix B
doesn't correspond exactly to the usage in the main text. The appendix
is not `normative', as they say.)

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