Re: IDs vs. Classes

 From: gtn@ebt.com (Gavin Nicol)
| >With the sole exception that, of course, an HTML 2.0 | 3.2 browser can
| >do something vagely sensible with <p class=copyright> and <h2
| >class=chaptertitle> wheras it can do nothing much with <copyright> and
| ><chaptertitle> except pretent the tags weren't there.
| The point I made was that if you can do one, it is no harder to do
| the other.

No - the 2.0/3.2 browser knows what to do with p and h2 elements; it
does not know what to do with copyright and chaptertitle elements.  If
you use the element forms, the old browser is unable to do *anything*
useful with them (like inserting paragraph breaks or formatting as a
header); if you use the CLASS forms, the browser still has the element
type to use to guide a default action.

Now, a CSS1-supporting browser, on the other hand, could deal with
either form more-or-less equivalently.


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