Re: IDs vs. Classes

On Oct 9, 10:31am, Paul Prescod wrote:

> At 04:29 PM 10/9/96 +0200, Chris Lilley wrote:
> >It's a tradeoff; if you want a sprinkling of semantic hints and installed
> >base compatibility, use class in text/html. If you want rich semantic
> >markup and have no desire for widespread accessibility, use text/sgml
> >(or application/sgml as appropriate). W3C is working to facilitate both
> >approaches.
> Isn't it fair to desire rich semantic markup AND widespread accessibility?

Yes. As of 9 Oct 1996 though, you can't have backward compatibility with
the installed base as well. My original message specifically talked about
2.0 or 3.2 browsers.

> I
> just raise the point because I know that W3C is working on standards for
> rich semantic markup and I hope that W3C staff and mailing list readers
> don't see it as perpetually esoteric and inaccessible.

No, far from it. But there are different approaches based on what the
author wants to acheive. Sometimes, just <a class="ExternalLink"
href="foo"> does the job; it works with exsting browsers and it serves
to differentiate corporate from extermnal links (via a stylesheet).

Sometimes, a custom-built DTD is the right way and you want to send over
a DTD  with the document or use <!doctype whatever with public and system
identifiers, the latter using a URL. See:


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