Re: IDs vs. Classes

On Oct 8,  4:17pm, Gavin Nicol wrote:

> ]someone said]:

> >am I right to think
> >
> > <p class=copyright>text</p>
> >
> >is like saying
> >
> > <copyright>text</copyright>
> Quite correct. A point I've made for a *long* time...

With the sole exception that, of course, an HTML 2.0 | 3.2 browser can
do something vagely sensible with <p class=copyright> and <h2
class=chaptertitle> wheras it can do nothing much with <copyright> and
<chaptertitle> except pretent the tags weren't there.

It's a tradeoff; if you want a sprinkling of semantic hints and installed
base compatibility, use class in text/html. If you want rich semantic
markup and have no desire for widespread accessibility, use text/sgml
(or application/sgml as appropriate). W3C is working to facilitate both

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