Re: CSS and system colors

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Hakon Lie wrote:
> This is a good idea. It should probably be doine through reserved
> names, perhaps 'system-color' and system-background' ? The latter name
> would be open for system backgrounds that are more than just a color.

What about the idea of being able to "retrieve" a value.  Dare I say use
something along the lines of a function with a return value.  (I know, I
know, CSS will not become a programming language).

Maybe something like @default("body {color}")

You could then set body {color:@default("body {color}");}

The syntax looks a little ugly I'll admit.  But you could also use it to
get info on the point size of a font, decoration mode, etc, etc.

The bad thing is something like this could eventually lead to if/then

The good thing is that it could explicitly say "don't mess with the
default values for this tag".

> I'll put it on the list of good ideas for the next round.
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