CSS and system colors

Neil Galarneau writes:

 > On MS-Windows, and probably on other UIs, there are system colors
 > such as the default background color of a window (COLOR_WINDOW)
 > and the default foreground color of text (COLOR_WINDOWTEXT) (and
 > many more).
 > In the current version of CSS, the only way I can see to cause those
 > colors to come up on everyone's machines is to not define any colors
 > in a complete branch of the html tree right up to the HTML root
 > AND hope that the UA's default colors match those of the system.
 > Then that branch will use those system colors.
 > Should there be a more explicit way to get to those colors?

This is a good idea. It should probably be doine through reserved
names, perhaps 'system-color' and system-background' ? The latter name
would be open for system backgrounds that are more than just a color.

I'll put it on the list of good ideas for the next round.



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