Re: IDs vs. Classes

At 04:50 PM 10/7/96 PDT, Galarneau, Neil wrote:
>IDs and Classes seem almost identical to me.
>In fact, it seems that IDs are just Classes that can only be used in the
>body once.
>Is that true?

You could think of it that way. But if one can be used many times and the
other only once, I wouldn't say that they are almost identical. =) Classes
are internal names for "classes" or "types" of elements. An ID is a name for
a particular element.

If you think about it in a certain way, classes actually have more in common
with element names (i.e. P, H1, DL) than with IDs in that they describe a
certain kind of data, whereas IDs name a particular data element.

 Paul Prescod