Re: HTML Styles

Jonathan L. Neuenschwander writes:

 > I believe Hakon Lie is also working on a book, which should be very insightful
 > since he's the creative force behind CSS.  I don't know when that's to be
 > published though.  (Care to give yourself a plug, Hakon?  :-)

Since you insist :-) 

Bert Bos and myself are working on a book that will be published by
Addison-Wesley. Hopefully it will be on the shelves this year -- the
ideal gift for the web designer that has everything. The title is
"How to write better HTML with style sheets", and a significant part
of the book will also be on the Web.

We are still looking for sample documents that uses CSS. We have a good
number of "inventive" documents, but could use more examples that
exhibit traditional typography.



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