Re: French typograhical rules for spaces (was Re: space )

Aymeric Poulain Maubant writes:
 > First of all, I'm _not_ a typographer. I'm just a frenchman who searches
 > his library. Here are the rules (in a mixed french/english vocabulary,
 > as I do not know the exact english terminology) for spacing as given
 > by the "Imprimerie Nationale". I think this will help, but you better
 > should contact some frenchman from the Gutenberg project.
 [rules omitted]

Excellent! Is there an authoratitive book on typography in France,
maybe the one from the Imprimerie Nationale? I'd like to order it.

Some translations:

French       English     Dutch

cadratin     quad/em     vierkantje
espace-mots  word space  woordspatie

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