Re: space

At 09:56 AM 9/23/96 +0100, you wrote:
>   Formally, in the English language there are situations apon which extra
>   space is inserted between items.  Some examples include the two space
>   after a period ending a sentence 
>No, this is an antique convention or artifice from the days of the
>typewriter.  Printers in English tradiotionally insert a small amount
>of extra space after a period, but not usually as much as a two whole
>letter-spaces from a fixed-width font would imply. To try to insert
>that much space when using a proportionally spaced font will probably
>look very strange.

It is true that "french spacing" is considered an obsolete typographical style
in american typography, and it makes most contemporary typographers cringe.

I believe that it is still considered an important style in France and other
parts of Europe. If any typographer from Italy or France is reading the list, 
I'd appreciate hearing a comment. I also believe that inserting a
non-breakig space is the way it is usually specified in those areas.