Re: Please write in www-html || www-style, not both

| Having subscribed in both mail lists www-html and www-style, I can 
| see that a majority of threads are living at the same time in each
| place. Sometimes contributors to such threads followup only in one
| list.. Thus, the same subject get two lifes, which make it hard to
| follow. Sometimes not, and we get two copies of the same messages.
| I wish contributors in  those lists think twice before posting in
| both lists. And in the case where both lists are relevant, please
| please please ask people to followup the thread in one of both groups
| by inserting a line in your body message (first line if possible)
like :
| "[please followup this thread in www-??? only]"

Heeding all warnings, The first problem is that this list is not even
setup for replies... in order to send a message back to the list, I am
at least having to manually enter it (list addresses that is) 
otherwise all that happens is a personal email to the author of the
post...  I am used to the PNG/PNP/MNG lists that all simply send the
reply back to themselves...  but in reality, a list should work just
like a news group... if I post a message in more than one group...
everyone involved in both groups will be able to discuss the topic
together...  this doesn't work to well here because of the manual labor
involved in replying...

And some messages just don't have a clear seperation of what list they
belong in, even long after the first replies...