Please write in www-html || www-style, not both

[please followup this thread in _my_ mbox and not on both lists. see below]

Having subscribed in both mail lists www-html and www-style, I can 
see that a majority of threads are living at the same time in each
place. Sometimes contributors to such threads followup only in one
list.. Thus, the same subject get two lifes, which make it hard to
follow. Sometimes not, and we get two copies of the same messages.

I wish contributors in  those lists think twice before posting in
both lists. And in the case where both lists are relevant, please
please please ask people to followup the thread in one of both groups
by inserting a line in your body message (first line if possible) like :

"[please followup this thread in www-??? only]"

	Aymeric	[who would like to send a message about <ul> and co
		but wanted to be sure his idea had not been araised
		before, and is now lost in his archive]