Re: space

Chris Ridd writes:
>Stuart Young wrote:
>> On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>> > None of those are usable for computer source code, however. In source
>> > code, a specific number of space characters can be vital to the correct
>> > functioning of the program! Currently, HTML is unusable as a means of
>> > transmitting source code; other content types must be used instead.
>> Isn't this what <PRE> is all about?
>No, because the contents of a <pre> section is only PCDATA, which
>prevents you from using the 'special' SGML characters inside your
>program. This will greatly annoy your programmers...
>  IF silly <> foolish THEN
>    WRITELN("Ooops.");
>is not legal because of the "<>".

 That's perfectly legal from what I understand.  CDATA entries are only
terminated by </[a-z]

-Bill P.