Re: space

| No, because the contents of a <pre> section is only PCDATA, which
| prevents you from using the 'special' SGML characters inside your
| program. This will greatly annoy your programmers...
| eg
| <pre>
|   IF silly <> foolish THEN
|     WRITELN("Ooops.");
| </pre>
| is not legal because of the "<>".

Yea, so use &lt;

AND I DON'T CARE WHAT THE DTD SAYS!  So far, all browers seem to
support the fact (maybe mosaic doesn't) that an HTML document is an
HTML document and in acually there is no character that can not be
represented ... providing you have use of the enities...  so they
currently support enities and I would stress that every one does... 
There is no reason that a <PRE> block can't be formated into HTML
limitations...  <PRE> is primarily made to enforce a monospaced font...
not a "non escaped" document... so everything in an HTML document
should be escaped come some reason or another...