Re: New CSS1 draft available

| To get drop caps to look like something other than an amateur's
| you have to do the following:
| [1] Align the top (i.e. the cap height) of the drop cap with
|     the cap height (not the ascender height) of the first line of
| [2] Align the baseline of the drop cap with the baseline of the text.

What happens to the DROP caps tails? (I know nothing about drop caps,
give me a break!)

| Please consider either removing drop caps or fixng them; if we have a
| of "font-size 57pt" to get a 3-line drop cap with 18 on 21 pt text,
no amount
| of improvement in browsers won't ever be able to improve the
appearance of
| such imitation drop caps.

But I got one problem Lee, try getting a browser such as MSIE to
support even 1 third the current CSS1 draft dealing with this stuff ...
 They have all the metrics available but it seems to me that they
refuse to do this because it would give HTML the upper hand...