Re: New CSS1 draft available

lee@sq.com wrote:
> > In addition, (3) line-height is what is used in the short-hand
> > notation:
> > 
> >     font: 12pt/14pt Helvetica
> Note that line height interacts with drop caps.

Note that with the current interpretation of line-height, the effective
line-height of a single line of text is always equal to the font-size.
In order to get a typical drop cap, where the baseline of the cap lines
up with the baseline of one of the lines in the main element and the
following line doesn't wrap, a negative bottom margin is needed
on the floated 'first-letter'.

  \ /\ /ithout a negative margin-
   V  V bottom the text will wrap
        until it clears the entire
  line height, which forces too much
  space below the initial cap.

  \ /\ /ith a negative margin-bottom
   V  V the margin can be adjusted to
  allow the text to clear immediately
  below the baseline of the initial cap.

Unfortunately, a negative margin-bottom on a floated element isn't
possible with MSIE's current implementation of CSS1. Support for
margins and float is either missing or inconsistent with the CSS1 spec.

David Perrell