Re: space (reply again, sorry)

| >I currently use   where needed, and rely on the hope that the
| >browser will take one NBSP and one breaking space to make 2 spaces,

| The trouble with NBSP is that it's not a real #32 space -- well, not
| graphical browser anyway, only in Lynx in 7-bit approximations mode.

Ok, they are defining it as 160, but, just because that character is
blank, did the ISO standard really mean to call it a non breaking
space? ... if so, where is &shy(its not defined in the HTML 3.2 spec,
bad idea IMHO), and what about a HARD or nonbreaking hyphen, and what
is &cbsp?

| I seem to recall that HTML 3.0 had a "NOFOLD" tag to prevent the
| of whitespace. I wish we had that now...

I don't remember NOFOLD, but it did have a NOWRAP attribute, just like
it had a CLEAR attribute ... a couple of things that could really be
used... (I hate using <BR CLEAR..> for what it does for LYNX...