Re: space

At 4:45p -0500 09/21/96, Carl Morris wrote:
>Formally, in the English language there are situations apon which extra
>space is inserted between items.  Some examples include the two space
>after a period ending a sentence and the two spaces between the state
>and zip code in an address.  Do people suggest this extra space be
>maintained in HTML documents and how do people propose to do it?
>I currently use   where needed, and rely on the hope that the
>browser will take one NBSP and one breaking space to make 2 spaces, but

The trouble with NBSP is that it's not a real #32 space -- well, not in
graphical browser anyway, only in Lynx in 7-bit approximations mode.

I seem to recall that HTML 3.0 had a "NOFOLD" tag to prevent the folding
of whitespace. I wish we had that now...

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