floated pseudo-elements, SPAN

When a pseudo-element or other in-line element that encompasses the
beginning of a text block is floated, is the floated portion considered
a child element of the block? Does the floated element inherit the
text-indent property unless overridden by the element declaration?

Whatever, I believe the floated portion should be considered 'removed'
from the block itself, and that the text-indent for the block should
begin at the first letter after the floated element (the second letter
in the case of a floated initial cap). This would allow:

   /__\n article in National Geographic has a negative
  /    \ first-line indent relative to the initial cap
  when appropriate.


A SPAN can begin in one block and end in another. According to the CSS1
spec, any element can be floated <applause>. How should a floated SPAN
that encompasses blocks be treated?


If the SPAN encompasses more than one block, float the portion of the
SPAN within each block as a separate nested block. (Not that I believe
there's much use for a multi-block floated SPAN, nor for a floated SPAN
that is not the beginning or end of a block. I'm just suggesting a way
to treat them.)

David Perrell