Re: New CSS1 draft available

>  - The possibility to combine two or more elements into a single
>    block appears more in demand than we thought (e.g., break before
>    DT and break after DD, so that a DT is shown `run-in')

I have given 'run-in sideheads' some thought. I would like to be able to
specify that a heading is run into the next paragraph.

You could have a typical markup like


<p>Italics are used for <em>emphasis.</em>

render as

Italics. Italics are used for emphasis.

This way the markup would work with different style sheets---one that
preferred the run-in head or another that prefers separate sub-heads (what
to do about the period is another matter).

Would it work to declare the <h3> as in-line? Or is something new required?

Of course, You could simulate it by

<p><em class=sidehead>Italics.</em> Italics are used for emphasis.

This is what I use now.



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