Re: Comments on Working Draft 26-July-96

Scott E. Preece wrote:
> Another alternative would be to provide a way of defining a font-family,
> which could then be used in the normal font-family specification.  Like:
>         define-font-family:     { name: sans;
>                                   normal: 12pt/14pt sans-serif;
>                                   italic: 14pt blado, 14pt sans-serif
>                                   ...}
> this admittedly doesn't fit very neatly in the current CSS1 form, which
> has no space for declarative specifications...

Not necessarily.  I just wanted to note that you *can* make declarations
using @-rules.  Bert Bos suggested the following for doing shadows:

    @shadow unsharp-gray-shadow {
        x: 0.3em;
        y: 0.3em;
        color: gray;
        transparency: 80%;
        blur-type: gaussian;
        blur-radius: 0.1em

    H1.headline {
        text-decoration: shadow(unsharp-gray-shadow);