Re: Frames and Documents

I really feel the use of tables for page layout is wrong. I want to be able
to flow the text into specified areas like text boxes or into columns
without having to specify layout in html. I think the proposed frames is
good at least for presentation *on the page.*  But for presentation of
multiple documents within frames, perhaps more thinking needs to done.

Tables just trap the text. If you have two columns, you must paste the left
text into the left column and the right text into the right. If you add text
to a column you must do a lot of this kind of editing, possibly over more
than one page. And you are specifying a layout. I would like the same
document text to appear in  columns or not---depending on the style sheet


>I would _almost_ go so far as to say the only legitimate uses for frames
>in fact are where content isolation is needed. Tables + CSS1 can
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