RE: BGSOUND, no need for it

> I agree to the idea of sounds in a stylesheet, but not in CSS1. CSS has been
> designed to carry a DTP metaphor to HTML rendering. A different kind of
> stylesheet that can be attached via the STYLE tag etc. (with a different
> MIME type of course) is what is needed.

I'll agree halfway with this one.
I think that audio settings could very well be done in CSS1 because it 
wouldn't hard presentation, structure, or normal parsing of the 
document.  True, CSS is mostly visual rendering right now, but there's 
nothing in the spec saying it is limited to layout control.

On the other hand, there could always be a different stylesheet that 
comes around that may better handle situations for audio (or even a 
different stylesheet just for printed output).  I'd guess that which one 
to use was dependent on an author's needs.

> One question, slightly relevant:
> The STYLE tag lets you specify content type so that the UA can know what
> language the stylesheet is in. How come the STYLE *attribute* doesn't? What
> if a browser supports DSSSL and CSS1 and something else as well? How does it
> distinguish which language the directives in a STYLE attribute are?

I'd imagine that the useragent would have to determine manually which 
language was being used.  Otherwise, to specify CSS, you could have a 
simple <STYLE> container and specify a style for a tag that you don't 
even use.  (ok, maybe that's a stretch).

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