RE: CSS Defaults

We have posted a first pass at a user's guide documenting what is
implemented from CSS1 and what is not.  Check out
http://www.microsoft.com/workshop, look for Authoring guides.


>From: 	David Perrell[SMTP:davidp@earthlink.net]
>Sent: 	Sunday, August 25, 1996 2:17 PM
>To: 	www-style@w3.org
>Subject: 	Re: CSS Defaults
>Steve Knoblock wrote:
>> if I say
>> blockquote {
>>    margin-left: 20%;
>>    margin-right: 20%;
>> }
>> it still indents from the <p> margin-left.
>Margins are still not functioning properly in MSIE 3.0. Any nested
>container should have margins relative to the enclosing container.
>They don't. All margins are rendered by MSIE relative to the window
>Vertical margins don't override the non-CSS default margins and so
>are much greater than they should be.
>I sure hope these problems are fixed soon. I'd like to do some CSS
>pages but hesitate knowing I'll have to do a bunch of work-arounds
>that'll need to be fixed later. IMO, MS is doing a disservice by not
>letting folks know which parts of CSS1 are not implemented properly
>in MSIE 3.
>David Perrell