Re: CSS Defaults

Steve Knoblock wrote:
> if I say
> blockquote {
>    margin-left: 20%;
>    margin-right: 20%;
> }
> it still indents from the <p> margin-left.

Margins are still not functioning properly in MSIE 3.0. Any nested
container should have margins relative to the enclosing container.
They don't. All margins are rendered by MSIE relative to the window

Vertical margins don't override the non-CSS default margins and so
are much greater than they should be.

I sure hope these problems are fixed soon. I'd like to do some CSS
pages but hesitate knowing I'll have to do a bunch of work-arounds
that'll need to be fixed later. IMO, MS is doing a disservice by not
letting folks know which parts of CSS1 are not implemented properly
in MSIE 3.

David Perrell