RE: BGSOUND, no need for it

>So you don't mind that they will lose the sound without getting any ALT
>text? Clearly, then, you either intend to use the BGSOUND element for
>presentation, not for serious content, or you intend for your pages to

I agree totally, he defeats his own argument there. Background sound can, at
most, set the mood for a site. Say Bach for "The Study of Fugue." But that
would not be a necessary sound like a lesson page.

>>A standard HTML tag for background sound to play wav, au,   
>>midi, and any others is very much needed to enhance web page design   
>>allowing a seamless integration of multimedia.
Please, no more presentation tags. Its very seamless corrupting you content
with thousands of tags, which must be changed every time a new style goes
into effect.

>property of BODY. As a CSS property, it could be used more generally, for
>instance as a way of "attaching" sound to hypertext links, or even to page
>actions: I could imagine properties like:

I like the sound of your imagination! These would be very useful properties.
I'd like to see them make it in the next version of css. This method is far
superior to using JavaScript event triggers for such things.

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