Re: Frames - does anyone like them?

>No expert, but disagree. "Design question" is irrelevant to where
>frames belong. Document structure is itself a design of sorts. Frames
>are more structure than presentation, and different presentation
>styles can appear in different frames. Frames are not a style applied
>to content, but rather containers for different content. Frames do
>not belong in style sheets.

I feel that frames are not structure, they are presentation. The frame tells
you nothing about the relation of one document to another, merely where it
goes on the canvas. What do frames contain? Nothing. The frameset only
contains enough links to know what to initially into the divisions. Those
documents change, thus frames are presentation.

In my previous message I mentioned the problem of hitting a sub-page on a
frames site. If it were not in frames one could hit a kink back up to a
table of contents. But with frames as they are, the page is unaware that it
is part of the so-called larger structure. If style sheets contain frame and
flow information, then its possible for the frameset to be constructed by
the sub-page referring to the style sheet frameset.

Even if a frameset may in a sense be the "link" that holds the pages
together, it mixes those links with presentation.

Frames do belong in style sheets.

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