Re: Frames - does anyone like them?

Paul wrote:

>Frames have their uses. But I wonder if they should be in _HTML_. Whether to
>use frames or not is basically a design question, not  content question. So
>"frames" are good, but <FRAME> is bad. In other words, Frames should be
>specified in style sheets.
>Does the [CSS Layout] specification do everything that those who use FRAME
>need? If not, what needs to be added?

To my way of thinking, frames shouldn't be specified in style sheets. The
one benefit of frames (if there are any benefits) is the added
functionality of allowing the creation of an HTML document in which two (or
more) portions of the page act indepentently of one and other.  I don't
understand how a style sheet would create the same type of functionality
that a <FRAME> does?

It seems to me, and I might not know from foo, that <FRAME> informs a
browser of how to layout something just the way that <P> or <Hx> does, and
it is the style sheet which defines that layout (beyond a default).  Thus,
I would say frames shouldn't be a part of CSS.  (Although, I wouldn't
necessarily say that HTML is the correct place for frames either--see Gavin
Nicol's response--but that's another issue.)


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