Re: Images as alternatives to text instead of the reverse

First, I just want to say I think this is a great idea.  Second, as far 
as OBJECT is concerned, I think it does have it's place and it does a 
great job of inserting objects into a web page while allowing text 
content to be neatly maintained.

As for which one you use, I think that would depend on how important you 
feel it is for this graphic to be displayed.

But, what about mixing styles with differnt content?
What if, for example the alternate-graphic requires different margins than 
the text would?  What if a totally differnt style should be applied for 
OBJECT content, compared to the style used for the text/html within the 

Oh yeah, that "replace" and "insert" stuff.  Is there any concession in 
the works there for inserting page numbers, or spelling out URLS 
referenced by hypertext links?

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