Re: transparancy and RGB()

On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, Mike Wexler wrote:
> Wouldn't it bet better to do
>     p { background: rgba(20%,0%,0%,50%) } /* fine value = alpha (opaqueness) */
> In the first example it is called rgb, but for values are supplied.
> Second, in computer graphics Red, Green, Blue, Alpha is much more common
> that Red, Green, Blue, Transparency.

Yes!  I was trying to remember what the heck to call the transparancy 
value (my original inspiration of this idea was the color palette 
system for the Next computer, and after a brief check though some old 
documentation I remembered it was called the Alpha channel).

I like the idea of using "rgba" since it does clearly indicate the usage 
of a transparancy channel to the person writing/reading the stylesheet.

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