Re: Images as alternatives to text instead of the reverse

At 12:55p -0400 08/21/96, Paul Prescod wrote:
>>text content. I understand that if no textual description is provided, the
>>content of the logo can not be indexed or searched for. Maybe that is unique
>>to the web and has to be addressed, but we do have alt text and as you say
>><object> coming.

Yes, it does appear that <object> would solve this problem. The <H1> vs.
<IMG> dilemma has been haunting me since day one, and I look forward to
kissin' it goodbye! This discussion is timely for me, as I am currently in
the process of changing all my title graphics such that the <H1> text I
used to have alongside the old graphics is removed, in favor of a single
multifunction graphics-bar across the top of the page. I really would like
search engines to index my pages as if the <H1> were really there...

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