Re: Images as alternatives to text instead of the reverse

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996, Chris Lilley wrote:

> You can already set a background image on any element in css. Recently, it was
> proposed that colors should also have alpha values. So, one possibility would
> be
> h1.worldport {
>   background: url(http://site/images/worldport_logo-big.jpg);
>   padding: 120pt 80pt;
>   color: rgba (0% 0% 0% 0%)
> }
> This stops the text being placed  on top of the image (by giving it 0% opacity
> - fully transparent), but is not really satisfactory because the size of the
> element still depends on the size of the (invisible, but still displayed) text.
> Using display: none would turn off the display of the entire element, including
> it's backgrouns image, so that would not be desirable. The font-size could be
> set to zero points, I suppose. None of these options seems especially elegant.

So what about my proposal? Do you think it's doable or useful? The point is
to specify that for the specific element, the *image* is the preferred
rendering style for the content of the element, although the content is
merely text. This would make a lot more sense than having an IMG (or an
equivalent OBJECT) tag in the page. Does anyone think this would be a useful
addition to CSS?

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