Re: transparancy and RGB()

On Aug 20,  8:22am, Mike Wexler wrote:
> Subject: Re: transparancy and RGB()
> > On Aug 14, 10:34pm, Chris Josephes wrote:
> >
> > > Has any thought been given to the idea of specifying varying levels of
> > > transparancy?  What about the idea of specifying the transparancy level
> > > directly in an RGB value, such as....
> > >
> > > p { background: rgb(20%,0%,0%,50%)} /* final value = transparancy level

> Wouldn't it bet better to do
>     p { background: rgba(20%,0%,0%,50%) } /* fine value = alpha
> In the first example it is called rgb, but four values are supplied.
> Second, in computer graphics Red, Green, Blue, Alpha is much more common
> that Red, Green, Blue, Transparency.

Yes, that is a better idea.

> > That would be an interesting addition, and would fit well with image
> > that support true variable transparency such as PNG and JPiG.
> Is JPiG a new format or just a mispelling of JPEG or JFIF?

JPiG is an attempt to add an alpha plane to JPEG JFIF. I am monitoring this
effort. So far they have some nice documentation and description on how it
might work, but no source code for a sample implementation.

I guess I should have mentioned TIFF as well, but few browsers support inline

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