Re: FW: Do box properties apply to all elements?

Neil Galarneau writes:
 > The latest CSS1 doc says that box properties such as margin and border
 > apply to "all elements", but the description of the formatting model in   
 > Chapter 4
 > says that "each block-level element ... is surrounded by a box" and only
 > explains the box properties in those terms.
 > Why, therefore, does the doc state that box properties apply to all   
 > elements
 > and what does that mean?

Yes, margin, padding and border do apply to all elements.

  - For block-like elements, they work as described by the model of nested
  - for `replaced elements' such as images, they put a border around
    the image (see last par. of 5.5.1);
  - for in-line elements, they put a box around the element, but there
    may be several boxes if the element is broken across lines (see last
    par. of 5.5.3)

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