Dsssl-o revision

A long-promised editorial review of the DSSSL Online Application
Profile has been completed, and the results are now available from
sunsite.unc.edu in the directory /pub/sun-info/standards/dsssl/dssslo.
This release includes an HTML 3.2 version in the file do960816.htm and
a PostScript version, do960816.ps.gz, created by running the HTML file
through a dsssl-o engine using the HTML 3.2 DSSSL stylesheet in
/pub/sun-info/standards/dsssl/stylesheets/html3_2 to convert the HTML
to RTF and then performing final cleanup and printout in Microsoft
Word (using Word's table autoformatting to polish the tables).  The
file do960816.zip contains both the HTML and PostScript versions.

This is not a complete editorial revision, because the synopses of the
flow object classes still use the old September 1995 committee draft
language, but the tables of characteristics have been thoroughly
reviewed with the aid of lists prepared by Henry Thompson and are now
believed to agree with the published DSSSL standard to a reasonable
degree of accuracy.  Language has been added to reflect the emerging
consensus that lambda, #!key, and let (including letrec, let*, and
named let) should be part of a minimally conformant dsssl-o
application, such as the one used in preparing the PostScript version
of the revised document.  Also, two new tables have been added to
provide an alphabetical list of all the characteristics, inherited and
non-inherited, that can be applied to the flow object classes in the
dsssl-o subset.


Jon Bosak, Online Information Technology Architect
Sun Microsystems, 2550 Garcia Ave., MPK17-101, Mountain View, CA 94043
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