Re: What are the problems with IDML?

On Fri, 16 Aug 1996, Matthew James Marnell wrote:

> Of course then there is no way to enforce the required fields and
> Identify is reduced to the same level as all the other search
> engines, with the possible perk that they've identified certain
> META names that are standard requirements to their engine, but
> in the end, it's much easier for other engines to pick up the
> same details and run with them just as easily and standardize
> on other META names to make it just a little less confusing
> than IDML is.  That wouldn't be good.

Of course, there is another point to be made.

META and LINK tags should, as I view it, be more standardized. If you could
define author name, email address, index, back and forward and the browser
recognized these, then everyone's life would be easier since every browser
could have a toolbar or whatever that includes options like "Back",
"Forward", "Index" and "Mail" that could be used by all pages...

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