Re: Generic Markup

Keith M. Corbett writes:
 > At 01:12 AM 8/14/96 GMT, Gavin Nicol wrote:
 > >>        Yesterday: <subhed> --> <p><b>
 > >>        Today:     <subhed> --> <p class="subhed"><b>
 > >> 
 > Somehow I missed the beginning of this exchange. I wonder if the author of
 > this message you quoted should consider something like:
 >   <p><b><subhed class="subhed">...</subhed></b></p>
 > This is slightly different from, or should be slightly different from:
 >   <p><subhed class="subhed"><b>...</b></subhed></p>
 > Does anyone know if this "works" in MSIE or Arena?
 > Seems to me this technique would allow browsers who conform to CSS to format
 > the paragraph correctly, while allowing the author to preserve structural
 > integrity etc etc.
 > Seems to me that this technique should work. CSS doesn't mandate any
 > particular tag set for HTML, and assuming the CSS inheritance stuff works,
 > one should be able to invent tags for this purpose. Or am I missing
 > something about CSS?

It doesn't attach a style to the element, because HTML specifies that
unknown tags should be skipped during parsing. The CSS formatter never
even gets to see them.

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