Re: Generic Markup

| Maturing, source-code available implementations of CLASS exist right
| now.  Can you say the same about DSSSL (lite) or other SGML-style
| proposed systems?

I will be demonstrating an alpha copy of a dsssl-o application at the
DSSSL workshop to be held as part of the GCA "SGML & The Web"
Conference in Seattle August 22-23.  The engine currently supports the
emerging consensus view of dsssl-o, which includes everything in the
December application profile [1] plus lambda, #!key, and let
(including letrec, let*, and named let).  A sample stylesheet that
this engine can use to turn an HTML 3.2 document into RTF can be found
at [2]; this has been tested under both Windows95 and Solaris 2.5
compilations of the program.  Source code for this application will
accompany its final release.

Also, a completely independent effort partially funded by SunSoft to
build a public-domain syntax checker for the entire DSSSL language
(including both the transformation language and the style language) is
currently in alpha test, and a formal beta is expected soon.


[1] ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/sun-info/standards/dsssl/dssslo
[2] ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/sun-info/standards/dsssl/stylesheets/html3_2

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