Re: Generic Markup [was:Re: deprecated tags in Wilbur & Cougar]

At 10:52 AM 8/12/96 -0700, Marc Salomon wrote:
>I see three needs when dealing with styling, structure and classing:
>1.  inline style language a la <FOO STYLE="CSS: color...">
>2.  classes for style purposes <FOO CLASS="sidebar">
>3.  structural clases <FOO TYPE="section">
>Is there a TEI guru in the house that can pontificate as to whether TEI's REND
>attribute encompasses parts of 1 and 2 and/or both.
>There are cases when even the most careful stylesheet/class structure cannot
>preserve all the information for certain cases where 2 and 3 conflict.

Please provide an example of where 2 and 3 are in conflict.

 Paul Prescod