Re: font specification in CSS1

| Jon, it would be more productive to briefly summarise what this ISO
| standard specifies and how it helps in this instance. A
| compare-and-contrast with say Panose-2 would also be useful. Grumping
| that a standard exists but not telling us what it does and does not do
| gets the discussion no further forward.

I don't currently have a copy of the standard, and I certainly don't
have time to summarize it for you.  You're the ones who are going
round and round on font characteristics; I've already settled on the
ones in the DSSSL standard.  This is your problem.

| It would also have helped those who are not ISO-watchers to have told
| us the number of the standard - I presume you refer to 9541 ?

I think that I've already said that -- twice.

| Even better would be a pointer to an online copy, which you have shown
| is not out of the question even for ISO documents.

I've already said that there is no online copy of 9541.  I've already
said that the relevant characteristics are in the DSSSL standard.
I've already given you several places where you can get that standard
for free.  I've also told you where you can get a summary of the
standard (prepared by me) in which you can find the characteristics in
question summarized in nice, easily accessible tables.

This is not enough?


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