Re: font specification in CSS1

On Aug 10,  4:57pm, Jon Bosak wrote:
> [someone]
> | > I can see an advantage in allowing *any* common weight specifier. The
> | > UA simply keeps two heirarchical lists of all the common weight names
> | > with corresponding pointers. For example, the 'boldness' heirarchy
> | > might include, successively, 'nord, ultra-black, black, ultra-heavy,
> | > ultra-bold, super, heavy, extra-bold, bold, demi-bold, semi-bold,
> | > demi, medium, book, roman, regular, normal.' If someone specifies
> Does anyone care that there is already an ISO standard for font
> characteristics that addresses all of this?
> No?  OK.  Never mind.  Have fun.

Jon, it would be more productive to briefly summarise what this ISO standard
specifies and how it helps in this instance. A compare-and-contrast with say
Panose-2 would also be useful. Grumping that a standard exists but not telling
us what it does and does not do gets the discussion no further forward.

It would also have helped those who are not ISO-watchers to have told us the
number of the standard - I presume you refer to 9541 ?

Even better would be a pointer to an online copy, which you have shown is not
out of the question even for ISO documents.

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