Re: Generic Markup

| Better than nothing. =) I'm only half kidding. Without a concrete
| proposal for a mechanism to attach semantics to new elements
| (i.e. archforms, DSSSL, CSS+), it's the "best we've got." My
| understanding is that the SGML ERB will come up with that
| proposal. (although I'd love to know their predicted time frames...)

The SGML ERB has met a couple of times and is making excellent initial
headway, though of course much of its time has been spent in the
administrivia necessary to begin something like this.  There will be a
brief hiatus due to a series of SGML-related conferences August 13-30
in Montreal and Seattle that will take several members of the ERB out
of town, but work will continue offline.

The plan is to publish all productions of the ERB to a W3C-maintained
archive list that will be visible to the general public.  We've run
into a hitch in getting that archive established due to the loss of a
list admin at W3C.  Nothing moves very quickly this time of year in
either Europe or the U.S., so I've resigned myself to the idea that
this effort won't really take off until we're past Labor Day.  After
that, however, I expect rapid progress.