Re: Generic Markup [was:Re: deprecated tags in Wilbur & Cougar]

>Momentum will keep pushing HTML down that path, but HTML is already down
>that path. HTML is defined as a set of GIs and attributes (a DTD!) and will
>probably always be. That's why there is a parallel W3C development track for
>Generic SGML on the Web. How is "HTML with user-defined GIs" substantially
>different than "basic SGML?" Wouldn't it be redundant to have both?

That's precisely my point. HTML is fine, and should probably stick
around for some time to come, but "minimal+" SGML is more important,
and a (backwardly compatible) superset in terms of functionality.
>>Parsing is the least of our worries, which is what I was saying. I wa
>>also saying that anything that can attach semantics to attributes can
>>do the same thing with GI's, in a probably simpler manner.
>But the HTML GI's do not need to have semantics attached to them. They
>already have them. CLASSes are supposed to be refinements of those
>semantics, not new ones altogether.

We both know how meaningful those semantics really are though don't