Re: Generic Markup [was:Re: deprecated tags in Wilbur & Cougar]

>Sure, but that "sufficiently powerful language" is likely to be chosen by
>the SGML working group within the W3C. The impression I got from your posts
>was that we should just move to GI-based element subclassing instead of
>attribute-based subclassing. Until we require User Agents to parse DTDs (or
>some other semantic mapping file), that WOULD result in chaos. So far the
>conversation seems centered on parsing. Parsing GIs is easy. Understanding
>them is hard (that's where DTDs and DSSSL come in).

We have to look at the overall picture. GI's + CSS is not a bad
combination, GI's + DSSSL is better. The problems with attributes is
that once we take a step down that path, momentum will keep pushing us
down it.

Parsing is the least of our worries, which is what I was saying. I wa
also saying that anything that can attach semantics to attributes can
do the same thing with GI's, in a probably simpler manner.