Re: Functionality of Note via CSS?

Just cleaning up some old mail...

Charles Peyton Taylor wrote, on 16 July 1996:
 > Is there a way of acheiving the functionality of the 
 > note element (from the defunct HTML 3.0) using HTML 
 > 3.2 (or 2.0) and CSS?
 > I can see using a paragraph with a class, but how would 
 > I specify the accompanying icon using CSS?  (ie. not 
 > using the IMG HTML element.)
 > Hey, if we added a pseudo-element .... I could rewrite 
 > that proposal I did for the lists and HR's.  I looked
 > in the CSS spec, but I didn't see anything that looked 
 > like an Icon.

There is an icon in the list-style, you could maybe use that:

    div.note {
      display: list-item;
      list-style: url(note.png);
      margin: 1em 3em

    <div class=note>
    <p>This is the text of the note, with an icon to the left of the
    first line.
    <p>Unfortunately, I'm afraid it will be a few months more before
    browsers implement this &sadsmiley;

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