Re: deprecated tags in Wilbur & Cougar -Reply -Reply

Mike Wexler <mwexler@mv.us.adobe.com> wrote:
|Classes should not be used to convey semantic information to indexers. This
|should be left to element tags and other attriubtes.

I agree that there is a need to allow for a way for the "semantic classing" of
generic elements that is independent from style classing:

<DIV CLASS="sidebar" ROLE="section">

This construct uses the proposed CLASS attribute to invoke the CSS scheme for
rendering according to class "sidebar" on this structural element that is
 semantically equivalent (ROLE=) to any other section.

There should be well-known standards (perhaps TEI-like?) for semantic classing
of structural elements, as adding new elements to the element soup for each
possible role is a mess.  Doesn't CSS allow for importing styles via link so
that de facto standards can be implied?

|If we need a much larger set of standard elements, than lets create them.
|Maybe the solutions is to get the UAs to start handling SGML documents with
|DTDs specified by a URL. Than any organization could create a DTD that matched
|the needs of its members. Some DTDs might be shared by a large number of
|organiations. Others might be specific to a certain author.

Sure would be nice.