Re: Formalize the hyphen?

Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
> If "shadow" is going to have possibly four or five parameters of
> its own, maybe it should be its own property rather than a special
> value of "text-decoration" which happens to take extra parameters.
> So there might be "shadow-xoffset", "shadow-yoffset", and
> "shadow-color".  But there are really more than two levels of
> grouping here, so maybe "text-shadow" would be more appropriate
> than "shadow".

Shadow for block elements and text-shadow for text? With the same
shorthand for each? That seems right. Unlike underline, etc, drop
shadow is not strictly a text decoration. Text shadow or no, you'll
still be seeing duplicated text with different backgrounds in order
to get a shadow effect on the text block itself. As at

David Perrell